Award-winning video production services With our high-quality video production content, enhance interactivity, achieve trust, and provide value to your customers!

As a vibrant video production company, we attend to your demands, comprehend your objectives, and then create heartfelt videos and clips that capture the perfect audience for your brand. Intel Trix, as one of the top video production companies, specializes in providing meaningful content for companies and retailers. Using our extensive experience, we will ensure that your message is conveyed. In every production, we employ a cutting-edge feature that enables us to be flexible and agile. We are motivated by our passion for filmmaking and aim to be your reliable shooting companion. Did you know that 78% of netizens view videos weekly? Video production could be a key aspect of your online marketing plan, giving your company a face and personality while also increasing your website's organic rankings. Don't be anxious if you're new to video or unsure where to start. Our video production services group is available to support you.


Your trustworthy video partners can help you grow or offshore client video productions

Video production has been shown to strengthen corporate exposure, engagement, and profits. Intel Trix, as your video production company, will collaborate with you to create a unique video strategy that focuses on ROI.

Countless Marketing Video Production Service Solutions

We employ video production at Intel Trix to help you reach your business and promotional objectives throughout every stage of the marketing process.

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Our marketing and video production services include the following:

On-spot video production

Our team travels wherever it is required, your most recent seminar, a nonprofit donation, a launch of new products, a business lunch, your cutting-edge manufacturing plant and so on.

Intel Trix’s team would be prepared to develop, video, and create on-location footage for you, from multiple day’s events coverage to one-shot film projects.

Animations and video tutorials

Video production services, in our opinion, are the most successful way to help your consumers comprehend your services. Our production team simplifies the difficult into brief, entertaining, accessible content using whiteboard films, animation movies, business seminars, and other tutorials.

Editing videos

For other businesses, collecting the content isn't the issue; clearing it and putting it together is what's blocking their video advertising plans. Intel Trix, a seasoned video production company in USA, is here to assist. Email us your unedited footage and let us know what you want to achieve, and we'll achieve success.

Blogs with video

A video blog is a brief demonstration in which a live speaker extracts the major ideas from a larger blog article or other resource. We, as the leading video production service providers, develop, organize, shoot, deliver, and modify video blogs before assisting you in effectively embedding those on your website.

Videos advertising

Our video production services expertise can write and direct a professional campaign video that demonstrates your staff' commitment to their jobs, clients, and communities.

Demonstrations of products

Demonstrations emphasize the significance you bring in a straightforward manner. To demonstrate solutions as action, we've generated pod casts, web video demonstrations, in-studio products close-up movies, and much more.

Tv ads and video advertisements

Our video production team strives to create online streaming commercials that engage people, expand your reach, and showcase the worth of your services & products by writing, producing, shooting, editing, and distributing them. Use these commercial videos in a multitude of channels to broaden their exposure.

Videos on social networks

Is your product attracting your customers' attention as they read through their newsfeeds? A brief, stylish video appeals them to your messages and holds their focus for a While. Intel Trix's filmmakers and animators collaborate with our media platforms managers to identify socializing videos that will be appreciated and promoted.

Our time-tested video production strategy | A smooth, personalized Approach


We would not go for a video production without a defined itinerary and a clear idea of what material we'll be capturing. This is the stage at which our video production services team sorts out the kinks and delivers a smooth shot.


Our video production company's best videographers are ready to shoot the finest quality video for your campaign, either we're filming on-location, in workshop, or on the road. The development will be supervised by the director, making sure you receive the best out of your experience.


We at Intel Trix turn your footage into a masterpiece using cutting-edge software and skilled editors. Gifs, labels, 2D & 3D animation, dubbing, cinematography, soundtrack, set effects, and compositing are just a few of the post video production services we offer. We can do everything you can think of.


You may get the finished video in any format you choose with our best video production services. We have the capacity to transmit to any format and publish to any available video streaming site. We can also integrate the video into your website.

Why choose Intel Trix?

We are full-service video production company that can meet all your storytelling demands!

  • Videos that establish Trustworthy Relationships
  • Videos that inspire best talents to Enroll in your videos
  • Videos that drive leads TO engage


Detailed Video Production Process

The process of video ranges from concept to completion and consists of three phases: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.

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Pre-Production Phase

In this phase our videographers prepare and set the whole groundwork. During this process, we plan, research problem-solving solutions, and organization necessaries to set your video project up to be successful.

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The second phase when you capture all the elements that will be in your final video.

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Is where all the elements get edited together and combined to create the final video.

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Final Video

After completing the production phase, our producers and editors will begin the process to organize, plan, as well as edit the actual video. We carefully review footages and transcribe all of the details conducted to assemble the story. Our videographers do magic to bring a master piece live

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