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We are Intel Trix, a passionate website development company in the USA eager to help your business flourish with an effective, stunning, fully functional, and responsive Website. We are dedicated to assisting organizations in advancing through innovative Web Design and Development Strategies utilizing cutting-edge web development solutions. We strive to deliver the finest UI, UX, programming, Webhosting, translations, and a multitude of other techniques to create prepared live websites with client-oriented web solutions, as a prominent web development service vendor in the USA that serves entrepreneurs and corporations.

Web development that complements your vision and progresses with your company!

Our unrivaled developers upgrade the appearance of your website and business, while our web design experts effortlessly implement the design on the back end, resulting in a completely operational website. Our licensed developers will advise you to identify the platform that closely fits your enterprise based on their experience and competence among the most popular platforms in the world today. Not only will the solution satisfy your demands, but it will also expand with your company as it grows in the coming years and throughout platforms. With the help of our talented development staff, you will watch your design perk Up.

According to the investigation, 70% of customers form opinions about a firm based on its website. Intel Trix specializes in creating conversion-oriented websites that are Search engine friendly. Our distinguished website services, as an expert website development company in the USA, ensure that your website satisfies your organizational goals.

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Our web design & development process-

The art of combining exceptional design with impeccable implementation.

The strategy that drives a project ahead determines its success, and a steady procedure contributes to greater outcomes, efficiency, and corporate growth.

Below is a representation of the procedure we use.


We'll dig deep into your company and goals to figure out precisely what your website requires to accomplish. We'll investigate systems and find one that fits your demands, then put together a group of skilled developers and designers to build your dream website.


To boost leads and establish your brand reputation, our web development team develops a comprehensive UX & UI for each feature and performance. We offer suggestions, discuss prior experiences, and present ideas that enables users to provide opinions and collaborate on the project.


The third step is to begin Development. Our competent web designers will start creating a custom website for your business, which will encompass coding, creating databases, managing data, and arranging your System.


We check the effectiveness and operation of your website once it is online to guarantee that users can easily explore. We'll transfer your web to your corporate staff and give continuing information and coaching for any issues arising.


We then go through a thorough before-launch testing regimen. This is done to guarantee that the website is productive, useful, and dependable across as many platforms and systems as possible. Browser accessibility, mobile friendliness, link building, statistics, bespoke programming, feedback forms, information gathering, and other features are all checked.

The services we offer

We excel in designing valuable & exquisitely pleasing websites that meet customer needs and provide a positive user experience.

Responsive Web Applications (PWAs)

The greatest thing in our web app development is progressive web application development. Advance web apps react faster than aboriginal apps.

Customized website development

As a bespoke web design and development company in the USA, we offer both front-end and back-end software solutions.

Web Development Using Open Source

We provide the newest open - source software services worldwide as a prominent web development company. Our programmers take advantage of open source's freedom to create dependable and accessible web applications.

e-Commerce Development

Our engineers have extensive experience in E-commerce development, because of which we provide the finest in all e-commerce websites (B2C or B2B) and integrate all types of checkout software and online payments accessible.

Website maintenance

we motivate current and prospective clients to regularly update their websites. We stay on top of your website, modify it to reflect the client's goals, and give immediate tech assistance.

Why choose Intel Trix for your web development Requirements?

  • Extensive examination


We conduct a thorough examination of our customer's specifications. We create strategies using the most up-to-date advancements.

  • One-stop Services


Our full-service website development company in USA benefits our customers to receive whatever they need to create a successful website.

  • Goal-driven Attitude


We have taken a results-driven strategy from the start. This allows us to keep committed to delivering the expectations of our consumers.

  • Effective communication


We provide the finest turnkey solutions to all our customers at an attractive cost, allowing us to establish wonderful partnerships with them.

  • Consistency & Agility


Our capacity to recognize, evaluate, research, and handle challenges promptly enables us to be trustworthy for all our consumers.