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Setup & organize
course portal

Install academy in a few easy steps. Setup course website by setting up payment information, paypal or stripe. Setup youtube and vimeo api keys for video lessons. Set your purchase code for product verification. Setup instructor and smtp settings. Create categories for courses.

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Create course,
lessons, quizzes

Courses can be created with advanced section and lessons manager. Curriculum and other settings of a course are organized in such an intuitive way that anyone can easily start teaching.

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Students enroll to courses & start learning

Students can enrol to his preferred courses. There are plenty of filtering option to choose the right course for his purpose. A dedicated my course page is available to watch purchased course list. Students can start or continue learning from any device in anytime and from anywhere. They can also save a course in wishlist for future purchase.

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Payout commission to instructors

Admin can allow public instructors to create and submit course. Revenue can be split up according to site’s commission rate. After an instructor creates a course, admin needs to approve it for start selling. Admin can later on payout the instructor of his revenue according to his commission rate.

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Watch revenue report, build up your own business

Detailed payment report is shown right in the administrative panel. Date wise report viewing option is designed for easy understanding of business growth and course enroll status.

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